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The Immortal Monk Monastery DAO will be opening its doors in Q1 2022 and is looking to turn the existing DAO and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market on its head!

The upcoming Immortal Monks Monastery DAO is a next-generation NFT driven Defi ecosystem based on the popular Olympus DAO code base.

Celebrating a sold-out launch of its Origin Immortal Monks NFT collection, the upcoming Immortal Monk Monastery DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) will provide Monk NFT holders additional benefits not available the public when the Monastery opens its doors in Q1 2022.

The Monastery DAO will be open to all public investors but, Origin Immortal Monk NFT holders will have access to an additional APY multiplier when staking their Monk in the Monastery. In addition, Monk holders can stake a Monk for governance tokens and voting rights within the Monastery DAO, making this NFT collectible cutting edge with its future utility value.

With the recent success of NFT projects like the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), most NFT investors look to flip rare artwork-based NFTs for quick profits. In the same regard, the Immortal Monks NFT provides rarity for initial flippers but ups the game by delivering long-term value for holders and initial backers of the project. Moreover, NFT investors are no longer looking for static art collectibles but future Defi and Metaverse utility. In this manner, Immortal Monks has become a first-of-a-kind NFT project offering Monk holders additional Web 3.0 benefits in the upcoming Monastery DAO.

Financial DAOs have had a questionable history. Many DAOs result in a “Rug-Pull,” a term coined to indicate developers taking investor money, leaving behind worthless tokens. Immortal Monks has set the bar higher by performing a KYC (Know Your Customer) session with RugDoc. RugDoc is an organization that seeks to help investors by providing services to validate developer identities. RugDoc has verified the identity of the Immortal Monk developers, which can give initial investors a certain level of comfort. More information about the RugDoc findings can be found on its website.

Because the initial 2,500 NFTs sold out, investors wanting to gain access to the additional benefits of an origin Monk will have to purchase a Monk via third-party platforms like OpenSea. The rarity and future utility of these Monks is quickly causing the floor price to rise.

Eventually, the Immortal Monks Monastery DAO will look to buy land in the Metaverse where Monk holders can pray, meditate, and enjoy the blessings of being a member of the Monastery.

When talking about the Immortal Monks project, the lead developer, who goes by the Discord handle “The Enlightened Monk,” stated: “Origin Monks will soon be cast away in solidarity – and mortals will never again be able to access the unprecedented utility a Monk will provide in our 2022 DAO release, boosted APY, governance tokens, and more…”

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Disclaimer: The above information does not represent financial advice or promise of any financial gain. Investing involves risk; loss of investment funds is a real possibility with any project.

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